My First Blog Post!!

of “It’s an Oopsy Daisies kinda day”

First of all, thank you so much for visiting the page of “It’s an Oopsy Daisies Kinda Day”.  This is simply a blog on some of the Oopsy Daisy moments that I have (Founder of Oopsy Dasisies Ltd), adventures that I find myself in and the mountains I sometimes have to face.  If I’m completely honest, I’m not very good at writing about myself but I do believe there is power in the testimony whether it brings practical help or just a smile so if I manage to achieve this then I have managed to do what I have set out to do!  I’m sure a lot of you can identify yourself to ‘Oopsy Daisy’ moments in life so it will be great to hear your stories too!
So let me introduce myself….. My name is Beth, I am married to the most wonderful and supportive man called Matt and we are blessed with a beautiful, caring and equally supportive son called Ben.  I cannot leave out the other 2 members of our family, Daisy our 17 year old Sheep Dog and Molly our 4 year old Cavapoo who is currently perched behind my head snoring!

I have always loved creating and designing and when I was no longer able to work because of health I set up a business / hobby making, creating, painting, sewing and anything else that was whizzing around my head and to help fill my day!  When we found ourselves in a season where we needed to change direction with work etc, me and my husband decided to take my little business / hobby and to step out into making it a full blown business so Oopsy Daisies was birthed.  It started as a little kiosk in our local shopping mall called Intu Merry Hill selling all of our shabby chic style gifts, bags, accessories and of course our handmade, personalised gifts.  It has now grown into a shop selling lots of pretties with a vintage style tea room and a large ‘Daisy family’.

When I was 11 weeks old I fell off a step and banged my knee and not long after fell very ill.  A little later on, this was diagnosed as Arthritis which turned my family’s life up side down with years of trips to hospital and operations.  It finally settled down when I was about 7 years old leaving me with a damaged left knee.  It came back when I was a late teenager and again just before I got married.  Ever since, this has continued to aggressively make it’s way around my body leaving me with many painful and damaged joints, having to use a wheelchair (which I hate!) and makes ‘every day’ tasks extremely difficult.  However, I am determined to not let it stop me and, with the help of family, follow my dreams and love life!  I am unbelievably blessed.  I take a look around me everyday at my family, friends, creation and know that life is a miracle.  I distinctly remember a day when I was young and I spent a day in a family friends clothes shop – I was mesmerised!  I walked around tidying the clothes on the rails and pretending it was my shop!!  I decided from that day that I wanted to own my own shop one day.  This memory faded over time and I didn’t even consider it or think was possible until one day the opportunity presented itself and before I knew it, I was holding the keys to my very first shop!  It has grown very quickly and is flipping hard work in so many ways but it’s my dream!  I want it to inspire, encourage, make customers feel special and help give hope.   So that’s me and Oopsy Daisies in a (very small) nutshell and a very long blog!  Thank you so much for reading and I hope you will take this journey with me on everyday Oopsy Daisies moments.