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of “It’s an Oopsy Daisies kinda day”

First of all, thank you so much for visiting the page of “It’s an Oopsy Daisies Kinda Day”.  This is simply a blog on some of the Oopsy Daisy moments that I have (Founder of Oopsy Dasisies Ltd), adventures that I find myself in and the mountains I sometimes have to face.  If I’m completely honest, I’m not very good at writing about myself but I do believe there is power in the testimony whether it brings practical help or just a smile so if I manage to achieve this then I have managed to do what I have set out to do!  I’m sure a lot of you can identify yourself to ‘Oopsy Daisy’ moments in life so it will be great to hear your stories too!
So let me introduce myself….. My name is Beth, I am married to the most wonderful and supportive man called Matt and we are blessed with a beautiful, caring and equally supportive son called Ben.  I cannot leave out the other 2 members of our family, Daisy our 17 year old Sheep Dog and Molly our 4 year old Cavapoo who is currently perched behind my head snoring!

I have always loved creating and designing and when I was no longer able to work because of health I set up a business / hobby making, creating, painting, sewing and anything else that was whizzing around my head and to help fill my day!  When we found ourselves in a season where we needed to change direction with work etc, me and my husband decided to take my little business / hobby and to step out into making it a full blown business so Oopsy Daisies was birthed.  It started as a little kiosk in our local shopping mall called Intu Merry Hill selling all of our shabby chic style gifts, bags, accessories and of course our handmade, personalised gifts.  It has now grown into a shop selling lots of pretties with a vintage style tea room and a large ‘Daisy family’.

When I was 11 weeks old I fell off a step and banged my knee and not long after fell very ill.  A little later on, this was diagnosed as Arthritis which turned my family’s life up side down with years of trips to hospital and operations.  It finally settled down when I was about 7 years old leaving me with a damaged left knee.  It came back when I was a late teenager and again just before I got married.  Ever since, this has continued to aggressively make it’s way around my body leaving me with many painful and damaged joints, having to use a wheelchair (which I hate!) and makes ‘every day’ tasks extremely difficult.  However, I am determined to not let it stop me and, with the help of family, follow my dreams and love life!  I am unbelievably blessed.  I take a look around me everyday at my family, friends, creation and know that life is a miracle.  I distinctly remember a day when I was young and I spent a day in a family friends clothes shop – I was mesmerised!  I walked around tidying the clothes on the rails and pretending it was my shop!!  I decided from that day that I wanted to own my own shop one day.  This memory faded over time and I didn’t even consider it or think was possible until one day the opportunity presented itself and before I knew it, I was holding the keys to my very first shop!  It has grown very quickly and is flipping hard work in so many ways but it’s my dream!  I want it to inspire, encourage, make customers feel special and help give hope.   So that’s me and Oopsy Daisies in a (very small) nutshell and a very long blog!  Thank you so much for reading and I hope you will take this journey with me on everyday Oopsy Daisies moments.

Failed Miserably but, Hey Ho!!

So, my very first blog was the attempt of me writing blogs on those “Oopsy Daisy’ moments and unfortunately, that was over 2 years ago!!!!  Yes, I have failed miserably!  To be totally honest with you, it was going to be a huge achievement for me anyway mainly because I am not that good at writing but, also as I just don’t seem to have any time between running a business, being a mom and trying to fit any other kind of ‘me’ time into the mixture!  And at the end of the day, why would anyone want to know what my life is about and what I’m up to??  The problem is, I have been thinking about it non stop for the last few months and I really feel I need to give it ago again – especially as the Country is in Lockdown!.  I said in my very first post the reason for me doing this is to try and make a difference – it may not be a huge difference but if I can make one person smile or help someone else think differently about themselves, help with chasing a dream and not giving up or even just learning a new skill, then I have achieved what I have set out to do so, here I am attempting again to make this work.

So, a quick update – apart from the current crisis, not much has changed!!!  My shop & tearoom is temporarily closed (on lockdown) but we are still open online and making orders at home.  With this time at home, I have been able to design and create some new pretties and also work on our NEW Trade Website (coming very soon!) It is a very difficult time and there is a lot of uncertainty but we very much have HOPE!.  We are hoping to make some big changes to the shop soon which I am sooooo looking forward to.  We moved into that shop expecting to have to move out again 6 months later but thankfully we have been able to stay. But, because of this we never really decorated it etc fully how we wanted it – it was a quick throw together!  So, it will be good to put our ‘stamp’ on it.

One thing that has changed since last writing is, we lost or beautiful Daisy dog just over a year ago 😦  She was 18 years old so had lived a really good life but, we were all heart broken.  We had had her from 3 weeks old and we bottle fed her and she slept in the washing basket next to my bed.  Obviously it has got easier but I still shed a little tear when I think about her.  We were going to wait a few months before getting another dog but Molly (our cavipoo) was not coping very well and had gone a little depressed so, at the end of May we found the next addition to the family…… yes, another brown sheepdog!  She reminded us so much of Daisy (except for the blue/green eyes – which she still has) that we called her Maisie 🙂  She is now 12 months old and is full to the brim with love – I have never know anything like it!!!!  She is soooo cuddly and affectionate!  She is full of energy (which is very typical of border collies!) a little bit dramatic and very clumsy!  When we first met her, she just looked at us, nestled into my arms and (if dogs could talk…) said “You are me peoples, I’ve been waiting for you!”  Molly was a little unsure to begin with but, after a couple of days they were running around the house together and playing tug with the teddy.  Unfortunately, Maisie has grown now but still jumps on Molly like she’s the same size!  A blog is not right without a few pics!!…..

Life just seems crazy at the moment!  On the one hand, I desperately want things to go back to ‘normal’, to hug my mum, to see the Daisies’ again, our lovely customers (I want to know that our regulars are OK), to go to Church or spend a bit of money!  But, I must admit, I have loved being at home with my little family, making new things, actually painting again!, getting some much needed jobs done on the house & garden (we’re creating  a new ‘Garden Room’ outside – pictures will follow!) and waking up and not being in as much pain!  This ‘lazier’ way of life is definitely a bonus on my body 🙂  So, I am determined to make the most of it until the craziness begins!

Here’s a few of the new designs….

9840 1             9888 1

9863 1             9826 4


And I am VERY excited about our NEW “Daisy Village’ range coming really soon!…


So, I will try my VERY best to succeed in this blog and post regular Daisy moments and adventures and features!

Have a blessed week



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